Gorakhpur is a city located along the banks of Rapti river in the north-eastern part of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.
MEAN MONTHLY VALUES OF METEOROLOGICAL PARAMETERS: Average Direct Normal Irradiance 4.17 KWh/m2/day and Average Global Horizontal Irradiance 5.11 KWh/m2/day. There are various factors, which you can test while purchasing the solar panels. They are Voc– Open Circuit Voltage and Isc– Short Circuit Current (click on this link to read more about these concepts: Solar Glossary – photovoltaic, panels, modules, cells, voltage, watt and current). IST Trainer Team is made up of passionate National Trainer Trained people and experienced working persons in Solar PV Sector, power sector. Our professional backgrounds include practitioners working in the solar industry, life long educators, curriculum developers, to experts in organizational operations. The one thing we have National and International team, all working on common platform to powered the World by renewable energy!

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