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North Eastern India has states, such as Assam and Tripura, which are rich in petroleum resources. Arunachal Pradesh has a hydro-power potential of 50,000 MW according to India’s Central Electricity Authority (CEA). Meghalaya has coal and uranium resources, while Mizoram has rich biomass. Sikkim and other North Eastern states also have hydro-potential. Assam, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh have rich solar potential.
The state governments have identified land for planned Solar Parks with a capacity of 500 MW in West Bengal and 250 MW in the North Eastern States. There is a massive thrust to expedite projects in the North East to overcome power shortages and increase prosperity. Investment of £980 million has been earmarked for upgrading power systems in eight North Eastern States – Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura. The state governments of the region intend to make use of this positive environment in the solar market. In line with the central government of India’s intention for substantially harnessing the solar potential in the region, the respective state governments are expected to meet their obligations and provide competitive, reliable power supply to their consumers and ensure a sustainable energy mix in the long run.

ASSAM ENERGY DEVELOPMENT AGENCY offering solar rooftop project with subsidy. 70% subsidy for all types Residential building, Schools, Hospitals, Universities, NGOs, Trusts, Training Institutions in CAPEX Mode and RESCO Mode.
Potential use of solar plants should be increased for further economic development of the country especially in a country like India. Three major factors, resource assessment, technological appropriateness and economic feasibility are the basic requirements of project evaluation. In India, the solar radiation is available sufficiently over the country. Extraction of solar power should be increased in all respect which will reduce the dependence on non renewable sources.

North east has substantial potential for renewable energy from solar power units (particularly in Assam), biogas and small and micro hydropower projects.
SOLAR : as per solar resource potential estimated by Ministry, NE as a total have a potential of setting up 62 GW of solar PV.

Institute of Solar Technology (IST) to Study on PV Solar Enterpreneurship training

Training for solar business -
1) Hands-on Practical installation training at IST Solar Rooftop Power Plant, for business,
2) But Only installation training can't fulfill your business or professional skill needs,

To do solar business, required system calculation, design, O&M knowledge for small rooftop to MW project. IST will give you complete knowledge and skill.

Institute of Solar Technology can provide you proper guidance and skill of:
  • Technology of Photovoltaic System
  • Hands-on Experiments, which help you @ live project work
  • Live Project Work at Institute premises
  • You can become a System Designer, installer, O&M Engineer and Project Management team leader, so that you can handle your own project from beginning to end
  • IST Books and Class materials developed by National and International research persons, industry (100 to 200MW) experienced expert
  • You can better understand PV cell to PV Module, Customer relation, Site Analysis, Financial Planning, Due Diligence Services in PV Projects, Plant Design, Implementing MW Solar Power Plants - Action Framework, PPA for a MW Solar Power Plant, DPR, Contract Development, Project Implementation and Commissioning of the Project
  • Legal expert for a new Entrepreneur
  • Research and Development guide and support from Institute of Solar Technology

Secretary in the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) Amitabh Kant said that "Start-up India" initiative will help in turning youth from "job seekers to job creators."
We will support to promote startups - You will be startups PV Solar Enterpreneur.

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    Talent + Training + Teamwork = Startups Entrepreneurs Success Way


    Successful entrepreneurs are definitely born with traits that help them succeed. But it's rare that anyone is born with very high levels of all talents. If someone is born without a lot of natural entrepreneurial talent, support and development will help that person. Those with lower levels of talent will still benefit from support and development, but they likely won't achieve that same level of success.


    The best way to learn is by doing. Through our structured, step-by-step curriculum of training and challenging business-building assignments, you become as the Founder of an enduring company.

    First, attaining a deep level of knowledge, expertise and skill in a particular field could help lead to the start of a more sustainable, high-growth business.


    IST is a collaborative ecosystem, where people of all skill sets, backgrounds, and experiences share ideas, best practices, metrics, and feedback. Why? Because helping each other and sharing expertise leads to faster iteration, more efficient innovation, and faster market growth. So no matter how great the idea and how impatient the entrepreneur, IST can help build the basic skills, knowledge and connections people need to start something of value.

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